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Introducing Dr. Mark Donoway of Stead Willis, DMD in Durham, NC.

Dr. Mark Donoway

Taking your oral health and smile to new heights.

Dr. Mark Donoway, smiling.

‘‘Having an opportunity to help people and improve their smile is one of the most rewarding careers I can imagine."

Dr. Donoway trained here at NC State University. He also studied at the University of Maryland Dental School. In addition, he has an advanced education in general dentistry.

Before deciding to settle in Durham, Dr. Donoway cared for our armed forces’ service men and women before embarking on his civilian private dentistry career. In addition, he also provided vital dental care for our VA Medical Center.

Having had the honor of serving our country in the USAF and taking care of the needs of our heroes in the armed forces, Dr. Donoway has set his sights on the care and health of the people here in Durham.

Dr. Donoway is looking forward to continuing the precision, loyalty, and dedication learned within the USAF medical community and complementing the same high level of service the people of Durham have become accustomed to over the past years.

Dr. Donoway is a member of the American Dental Association and a proud member of the “Guy Willis Study Club.”

‘‘The best part of my job is when patients see their new smile.’’

Dr. Mark Donoway - Stead Willis, DMD Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

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